Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4038 VoIP Phone

The Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch™ 4038 IP Phone for the OmniPCX Office, OmniPCX Enterprise and OpenTouch systems has a large graphical screen that dynamically displays easy-to-understand soft functions that change with the context of the call. In addition the IP Touch 4038 is equipped with an alphabetic keyboard that provides access to the company “call by name” directory and messaging services.

  • Adjustable graphical display – 4 gray levels – 100 x 160 pixels
  • 10 multi-function display keys used for accessing phone apps, system features and dynamic telephony feature access while on a call
  • 2 personal keys/LED
  • Optional 10 and 40 key expansion modules
  • 4 directional navigator
  • Comfort headset
  • PC Connectivity with switch – Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/100
  • SIP standalone option
  • Speakerphone
  • Power over Ethernet or external power

Features Include

  • Large incoming call indicator lamp
  • Intuitive icons and software keys
  • Direct access keys for voicemail
  • Directory and dial by name
  • Mute and redial