IWATSU Wireless Solutions

The ICON Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 1 phone keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and key customers even when you have to leave your work area google keep. The DECT1 handset gives users improved mobility, flexibility and comfort. Increase accessibility with this high-performance telephone and put a host of advanced communication technology at your fingertips Download Parallels.

The ICON DECT1 phone relies on a network of on-site base stations to provide seamless voice access for people on the move. Improved accessibility means fewer missed calls, greater customer satisfaction, and increased staff efficiency gta bug edition apk.

Features that keep you connected:

  • Roaming
  • Seamless handover between base stations
  • Hold, transfer and conference calls
  • User-friendly interface with context sensitive soft keys
  • Shared central directory with 200 entries
  • Call log records the last 50 calls, whether incoming or outgoing
  • Twelve speed dial keys (numbers 2 through 9 on the twelve-key dial pad and the four bottom feature keys)