Toshiba’s Automatic Call Distribution

Toshiba’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures that calls are handled quickly and efficiently. The system runs as an application on the Media Application Server (MAS), along with call reporting, Call Manager, voice mail, and other value-added Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications. ACD boasts many sophisticated capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Call Routing, which directs calls based on Caller ID, account numbers, private lists, balanced call count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year, and user-entered data;
  • Skills-based Routing, which sends calls to the right person to handle the call;
  • Priority Queuing, enabling the user to answer higher priority calls;
  • Multiple Group Agent Log-in, which provides important call coverage between groups and tiered service levels;
  • Agent Priority Routing, providing the ability to send the right call to the right agent;
  • Intelligent Announcements that play pre-recorded messages and inform holding callers of their place in the queue or estimated time before answer, as well as offer alternative actions such as going to voice mail or invoking a call back reservation;
  • IVR Voice Assistant, which gathers and validates caller input, triggers responses, alerts agents and supervisors when the queue gets overloaded with calls, and provides many creative application opportunities;
  • Integration of your PC and telephone, which enables you to manage incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with your company’s operations, CRM or contact software;
  • Call recording/logging, enabling you to record, store, organize, search, and playback telephone calls to avoid disputes and improve the quality of training and customer service; and
  • Call Center reports, which let supervisors analyze agent performance, call center group activity, and system status, as well as forecast future call center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns.

Network Automatic Call Distribution
Network ACD applications enable multi-site contact centers to work together as one call routing system. Network ACD distributes agents over the network and routes calls to available agents on any IPedge® or Strata® CIX™ system on the network. Network ACD checks the status of agents in other nodes before routing calls to those agents. The call center reports include agents and calls over the network and helps Net Phone support features such as Network DSS/BLF and/or Chat between users in multiple nodes.

Multimedia Web Chat and Web Callback
Give customers additional methods of contacting your company. Web Chat enables online customers to initiate an instant messaging chat session with a contact center agent. By providing their names and phone numbers on a Web site, online customers can also request a “call-me-back,” and when a representative becomes available, the ACD application automatically calls the customer. Multimedia Web Callback provides better customer service, reduces hold times and helps reduce contact center operation costs.

The web callback service provides many important capabilities:

  • Routes callback requests to different ACD groups based on information entered, such as callback number, extension, name, subject, notes, etc.;
  • Filters duplicate callback requests to the same callback number and extension;
  • Limits number of Web callback requests in ACD queue;
  • Separates initial queue priority for Web callback request;
  • Supports virtual ACD queue (no corresponding telephone system pilot DN);
  • Supports Web callback counting similar to regular callback counting in TASKE and Insight;
  • Includes additional Web callback statistics reports;
  • Shows user information via Call Manager, such as name and/or subject collected on the Web page when the callback request is made to an agent;
  • Provides ready-made Web widget (includes source codes for ASP.NET, JAVA, and PHP). A basic Web callback widget can be used or the widget can be customized for customer’s Web server environment; and
  • Supports most types of browsers, including Mac.

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