Toshiba Call Recording

Call Manager
Combine the capabilities of your computer and telephone into one powerful unified communication tool. Call control from your PC lets you dial, answer or transfer calls, and more, using your mouse without picking up the telephone.

Toshiba’s Call Manager™ can be used in conjunction with an IP or digital business telephone to provide desktop call control. It can also be used as a stand-alone IP soft phone, providing mobility and remote access, and synchronizes with a company’s operations, CRM, or contact software.

Use Your PC to Provide Additional Telephone Functionality

  • Drag and drop features makes call transfer, speed dialing, and other functions faster and easier
  • Incoming calls are handled as desired by events, conditions, and actions, including routing, screening, forwarding, and voice mail notification
  • Outbound dialing from any application is easy. Launch documents, applications and web pages from the Call Manager interface.
  • Chat enables instant messaging communications with any user, broadcast message to multiple users, and simultaneous Chat sessions
  • Presence capabilities let users see co-worker availability and transmit information to best serve your customer through an intuitive interface
  • Preset control buttons let you dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, and view automatic screen pops of caller information
  • Call history provides a log of incoming and outgoing calls that you can print, search, sort, and redial with one click
  • Call notes follow the call wherever it’s transferred so callers don’t have to re-answer the same questions
  • ACD login/logout, supervisor functions and ACD Viewer through built-in integration with ACD Recording control through built-in integration with OAISYS® Tracer products.

Call Recording
Call recording and logging systems record, store, organize, and play back telephone calls, avoiding communication disputes. Recording applications also help improve the quality of your business operations, from training and quality control to customer service.

  • Cradle to Grave Recording captures every moment of the call, even while the caller is on hold.
  • Look-Back Recording records an entire conversation, even if the recording was initiated after the call began.
  • Call Monitoring allows authorized users to monitor calls as they’re happening, whether those calls are being recorded or not.
  • Selective Recording records specific or random extensions, groups of extensions, or every extension.
  • Bookmarks are automatically inserted when calls are transferred or put on hold. Particular calls or parts of calls can be easily and quickly found
  • After-Call Actions can be taken after a call, including sending an e-mail or instant text message, or launching another program.

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