XORCOM CXE3000 – enterprise VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system

CXE3000 enterprise phone system series supports up to 1000 users and up to 550 concurrent calls in normal office settings.  In hybrid settings it can support up to 800 analog extensions (using Astribank telephony interfaces) which makes it perfect for implementations with hight-density existing infrastructure that is costly to replace, such as in some hotels, hospitals and other organizations.  CXE3000 also supports up to 16 PRI lines Arduino dht11 library.

Running CompletePBX operating system, it provides full featured enterprise level phone system Kaspersky.

In comparison with CXR3000 series, CXE3000 series provides additional redundancy features such as RAID1, internal backup and restore (HDD independent), and more, which makes it suited for call centers and other critical applications kc mark.


  • Up to 1000 users
  • Various combinations of FXS, FXO, BRI ISDN and PRI/CAS/R2 ports
  • Supports SIP and IAX2 phones and trunks
  • From 8 to 32 analog lines/extensions integrated into the unit
  • Up to 8 BRI ISDN ports
  • Up to 4 PRI (E1/T1), T1 CAS, or R2 (E1) ports
  • Up to 20 external Astribank USB channel banks
  • Concurrent calls: Up to 325 (SIP only); 300 (PRI + FXS)
  • Supports auxiliary appliances (door locks, alarm systems etc.)
  • Easy-to-use Web interface for Asterisk and network setup


  • Processor: Intel i3 2120 (3.3GHz, 2 Cores, 3MB cache)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard disk: From 320GB 2.5” (500GB optional)
  • RAID1: Dual hard drive for increased system reliability
  • Fan: 3 redundant fans
  • Echo Cancellation Module: Voice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional)
  • Analog Lines Fail-over Kit: In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions (optional and model-specific)
  • USB: 2 external USB 2.0
  • I/O Ports: Input/Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support (optional)


  • Software: CompletePBX v. 5